Assembly technician receives instructions, picture, and torque value/strip chart feedback.

SDAP Full view

SDAP Closeup

The sensor analog voltage is digitized and sent to the LabVIEW program for evaluation.

SDAP-Torque has detailed instructions and pictures for each step; the process includes assembly instructions, incremental inspection, and limit values for the torque to be applied at mechanical fasteners.  Commercial torque sensor instrumentation was combined with unique LabVIEW software developed by BCO to cue the operator, provide real-time visual feedback of each torque measurement, assure and report every step in the assembly process, evaluate torque compliance and produce a QC Report.


 SDAP Screen

User Screen has shows instruction, picture, and torque measuement value with “waverform”.

System Block Diagram


SDAP-Torque is a key Lean Manufacturing element because it improves the work flow efficiency by providing real-time feedback of torque levels as they are approached, thereby increasing the speed and accuracy of these manufacturing steps.  It also eliminates a QC step by producing the QC report as a by-product of the process.

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